Civil Engineering, the oldest and the parent branch of the Engineering is as old as human Civilization that concerns itself with construction and maintenance of public utilities like buildings, roads, bridges, water supply system etc. Rapid industrialization and urbanization has given birth to challenging construction of skyscrapers, flyovers, long span bridges, atomic power plants, gigantic industrial complexes etc. to mention a few. To accomplish such feats optimally, design and construction management has taken roots in Civil Engineering. With continued technological advancements, the scope of the Civil Engineering has further broadened and diversified into new areas such as Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Drafting, Offshore Technology, Earthquake Engineering, Robotic Construction, Space Structures etc. A Student graduating in Civil Engineering can opt for employment in state and central government departments, defense services, public and private sector undertaking and privately owned consulting firms and construction firms. He may also become an entrepreneur. The interested graduates may prosecute higher studies in conventional or specialized fields and may join R & D organizations or choose teaching as a profession. The department has highly qualified faculties. Besides being impacted by textual knowledge, students are accompanied by faculty members to nearby construction sites and industrial organizations for acquainting them with field practices and visual appreciation. 

INTAKE :120 Seats

Lab Facilities : 

  1. Concrete & Structural Engineering Lab.
  2. Geotechnical Engineering Lab.
  3. Design & Detailing of Concrete Structure Lab.
  4. Survey Practice.
  5. Material Testing Lab.
  6. Hydraulics Lab.
  7. Transportation Engineering Lab.
  8. Environmental Engineering Lab.
  9. Design & Detailing of Steel Structure Lab.
  10. AUTO CAD Lab for C.E.Drawing