Dr. Satya Prakash Panda
I feel pleased and privileged to introduce Gandhi Institute Of Excellent Technocrats (GIET), established in the year 2009.
Now it stands as a premier Engineering College in Odisha with a reputation of its own in disseminating technical knowledge within the fold of BPUT syllabus in Eastern part of our Country.
Myself and my colleagues have tried to meet the challenges with sustained effort and have strengthened our academics with quality faculty, innovative teaching methodology and conducive environment along with an infrastructure keeping in focus our core mission and values.
From the very first day, a student enrolls himself in GIET, we make a promise to build him capable of facing the challenges of the present days through positive and professional focus.
We know, everyone does not have equal talent and intelligence but we provide equal opportunity to make all our students flourish as required.
We believe in dedication, devotion and hard work. We shall continue to evolve with the news of the time and shall learn and adopt as we go along.
We firmly believe in Knowledge, Innovation and Excellence as our desired motto which is not only an action but also a habit.
I wish success to all our students, faculty members and staff in this endeavor.